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Providing device access in the form of VR

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of our century's greatest IT innovations.  It can be used for recreation, training, exploration, education, and so much more.  We believe exposure to current technology can inspire people to create their own innovations.  As a result, we invested in several VR devices that are used for outreach events.  

     We have set up various pop up VR cafes throughout the kingdom.  We have traveled to Mananga College, Emmanuel Wesleyan Bible College, Transworld Radio, Liberty Community Center, Mavuso Convention Center, the Gables mall, and Project Canaan.  At each location, the public can spend a few minutes experiencing the wonderful world of VR.  We offer participants, living in a landlocked nation, a chance to explore the ocean, outerspace, new cities, and to play some family friendly games.  In most cases, participants tried VR for free but in some instances a small fee was collected to help cover the cost of the event.

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