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Business Consulting: Feb 2017

   One of the solutions we provide is business consulting. One of our most recent clients is a fintech start-up called Zuka. They are a digital payment solutions company. In February 2017 they were one of six groups that presented proposals to Limkokwing University’s Entrepreneurship Acceleration Platform (LEAP). The LEAP program is an entrepreneurship incubator. The  final semester of the program students are mentored and assisted by an Industry Advisory panel. 

    The program provides resources to viable projects which fit in with the Swazi government’s Vision 2022 Plan for economic development and empowerment transformation of the country. We are very proud to announce that our client, Zuka, was the only group out of six that was successful in receiving funding to expand their company.

    We have no doubt that these young innovators will go far in their efforts! Congratulations Zuka, we are proud of the hard work you have done and the great organization you are building.

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