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Community center internet infrastructure

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Located within the downtown area of the city of Manzini, Liberty Community Center is used by diverse groups and individuals.  Each school day, the center offers free after school programs that involve tutoring, music lessons, mentorship, and more.  The center provides an internship to young adults in need of mentorship and guidance as they launch their professional lives.  The center is rented, at a very low cost, by church groups, dance teams, and other community groups in need of meeting space.  It is always open and ready to support the people of Manizini.  

      Starting in 2018, Nicholus and Alicia began volunteering at the center. The eSwatini Bridge team was given the chance to install a LAN network throughout the building.  SBP also helped install a better internet service so that the staff and community groups could use the Wifi effectively.  Alicia tutored many high school students and other young adults preparing for college entrance exams.  We even used the community center as a site to recruit and enroll students within our Cisco courses.  We have held in person computer and business courses at the facility for free, allowing members of the community to receive certificates in digital literacy and digital marketing.  We continue to work with the community center weekly to provide any support that we can.

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