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Use US internet anywhere in the world!

What Is AlwaysHome

AlwaysHome is the ideal solution for expats, international travelers, cord cutters and digital nomads to access their streaming subscriptions or content from anywhere in the world. It works for virtually all streaming services and virtually all devices such as smart phone, computer, Fire Stick/TV, XBox, Play Station, Apple TV, streaming boxes and even some Smart TVs.


Keep Connected Anywhere You Go! Click the image below to learn more! 

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Do you need fast, reliable, and affordable for your home or businesses in eSwatini?

If so, we can help!

SBP is an official Jenny Internet Dealer.

Get a great product, installed by our team at the eSwatini Bridge Project. A constant high speed Internet connection is far more valuable than a connection that is sometimes fast and sometimes slow. The technology used provides a much better internet service than you can receive from 4G mobile technology. 

Wireless Internet is an Internet connectivity received through a wireless CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) installed on your roof. This CPE points to our nearest tower to connect to Internet and other services. The Internet connection is fast enough to stream Netflix, ShowMax, YouTube or any service you choose. This service has very low latency so is also great for gaming too. 


This is the internet that we use at our home and office. Click the logo below for more information! 


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