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Digital Literacy: July 2019

With Cisco’s mentorship, many hours of learning both within the classroom and the online platform, we became a certified academy!  As of the end of May, we were able to start accepting students.  By the end of July 2019, we have around 100 students taking online courses for that teach digital literacy and introduce the core concepts that govern ICT. We currently have four free online classes available:  Get Connected:  The Basics of Digital Literacy, Introduction to Packet Tracer, Introduction to Cybersecurity, and Introduction to IoT.   Our instructors are continuing to grow in their credentials for teaching IT as well, which in turn will allow us to offer more courses in the future.

 In fact, we have partnered with Mananga Centre in Ezulwini to offer our first in person course, IT Essentials, starting in 2020.  We are projected to have several hundred students through at least one course by August of 2020! 

SBP Teaching
SBP Microsoft Class

Digital Literacy: July 2019

In mid July, we were able to teach a week long class about Microsoft Office.  Our students were future church leaders, studying at Emmanuel Wesleyan Bible College.  By the end of the week, they were ready to use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint to enhance their studies.  As a final project they had to create a document or presentation, that brought to life their favorite religious lesson or song.  We have already been contacted by another NGO supporting the southern part of eSwatini and have plans to teach the course again in the near future.  We want to give a special thanks to Children’s Cup for allowing us to use their mobile computer lab during our week of training and the Bible College for seeing the merits of technology within all career fields. 

SBP Graduates

Connectivity: 17Feb2017

      We are proud to announce that we were able to work out a deal with 6Harmonics and our partner Wanderport Africa to connect 1000 kids at 2 high schools in Swaziland with the internet. This is how we bridge the  digital divide.

         We are encouraged by the progress that has been made to connect those without access. The internet is access to education, medical information, and inclusion. Providing access to knowledge can have a generational impact on a community. 

Business Consulting: 13Feb2017


     One of the solutions we provide is business consulting. One of our most recent clients is a fintech start-up called Zuka. They are a digital payment solutions company. In February 2017 they were one of six groups that presented proposals to Limkokwing University’s Entrepreneurship Acceleration Platform (LEAP). The LEAP program is an entrepreneurship incubator. The  final semester of the program students are mentored and assisted by an Industry Advisory panel. 

    The program provides resources to viable projects which fit in with the Swazi government’s Vision 2022 Plan for economic development and empowerment transformation of the country. We are very proud to announce that our client, Zuka, was the only group out of six that was successful in receiving funding to expand their company.

    We have no doubt that these young innovators will go far in their efforts! Congratulations Zuka, we are proud of the hard work you have done and the great organization you are building.

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