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Computer Refresh

Do your old computers need a new breath of life?

We can help with that.

As we all know, technology can get slower over time. With our Computer Refresh service we help clean up your computer so that you can extend the life of your equipment. This is done by performing the following tasks:

  • Backing up the files on your computer to an external hard drive 

  • Opening and cleaning the inside of the computer

  • Checking for broken and loose components

  • Replacing necessary components 

  • Upgrading your hardware (if needed)

    • RAM

    • Hard drives

    • Wifi card

    • Optical drives

  • Wiping and performing a fresh installation of your operating system

  • Ensuring that all of the necessary drivers are installed and up to date

  • Installing the needed software used to run your business

  • Hard drive defragment - Defragmenting your hard drive might not be something that you think to do if you’re a computer novice. But it can help to keep your computer running smoothly by rearranging the layout of files.

  • After scanning your previous files for malicious software and viruses we return the files to your newly refreshed computer. 

This service is provided at the cost of R1400 per computer plus the cost of hardware or software. 
This service can be conducted after hours or on Saturdays to minimize the disruption of your business operations. 

SBP Computer Refresh Service eSwatini Ni
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